A Fashionable Pregnancy!

It girl, Mikaela Martinez, shows us how to nail the pregnancy look with class, elegance, and a Blanqi support tank top. In her blog, she tells mothers out there not to use pregnancy as an excuse to let go and look frumpy, and she certainly supports it with some easy, fashionable ways to up your baby bump style ante!

She cleverly transforms the blanqi tank top into a mini dress. With a comfy pair of nude flats and a straw hat, her look was instantly the perfect beach attire:


Paired with a cardigan, she polishes the look further:
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Bellaband: The Practical Way to Adjust to your Pregnancy

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m pregnant, the last thing I want to do is go to the mall and try on bigger-sized clothes to fit my new body. Sure, there are those stretchy cotton pants but they can get pretty itchy at times and aren’t very flattering. Sometimes, there is nothing like a nice pair of jeans to look and feel pretty. I’ve never been especially fond of wearing dresses so wearing pregnancy-friendly dresses everyday was beyond my comfort zone.

That’s why I was really happy when I found out about the Bellaband. It’s such a simple accessory, really, but the idea is ingenious! No need to buy so many clothes at different stages of my pregnancy which I would just dump out afterward.

maternity belly band

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Postpartum Depression, Slimming Wear, and Seeking Support

Giving birth elicits a gamut of changes, from physical to emotional. In terms of emotion, these changes are normal because it’s such a milestone in a mother’s life; but there are instances when these changes linger in a woman’s body and spirit. Not only does a list of bodily transformations occur, but a bowl full of emotions – happiness, anxiety, stress, and even depression – also erupts.

Postpartum depression can be defined as moderate to severe depression in a woman after she gives birth. It can occur days or months after delivering the baby and can last for weeks or months if left untreated. It can affect daily functions and how you take care of yourself or your baby.

It’s not easy being a woman. One of the most visible change is a woman’s physical appearance. It is a transformation that lingers after childbirth and often contributes to just one aspect of postpartum depression. A woman’s physical being has an effect on her self-esteem, and in turn affects how she feels about herself. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve lost yourself or too many changes are happening, making you feel overwhelmed.

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Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Most people are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, but it also has its perks for mothers. Breastfeeding not only provides nourishment for babies, but it is also an emotional experience that creates a connection and bond between a mother and her child, which is priceless. It helps that breastfeeding is easy on the pocket. It saves money because there is no need to buy formula.


The most well-known advantage of nursing is that it helps you lose weight as milk production is like a workout. It burns up to around 500 calories a day. This a plus for mothers who are trying to get back into shape! This is beneficial especially for those who develop diabetes during their pregnancy because weight loss can lessen their chances of developing diabetes in the future. It is interesting to note that mothers who breastfeed have good cholesterol levels which also minimizes their risk for cardiovascular disease.

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How to Find the Right Breastfeeding Bra

Finding the right nursing bra is a dilemma most new mothers face. It’s similar to selecting a regular bra, but with added features. A nursing bra is designed to provide comfort and accessibility during breastfeeding. Remember that your breasts tend to be fuller and sensitive with the changes that come with motherhood. Nursing bras provide more support, flexibility and comfort that regular bras do not. Good support helps lessen stretch marks. They take into account the fluctuating size of your breasts and the strain they have on your body.

It is suggested you purchase them at the beginning of your second trimester. When you pick your nursing bras, they should fit on the last hook to allow room for when your body develops along with the baby. Make sure they have at least 3-4 hooks to allow adjustment. If not, you have the option of getting hook extenders.

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Amanda Griffin’s Testmonial on Wink Shapewear

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are beautiful experiences for mothers, but a woman’s body also undergoes many changes, with the stomach being the oftentimes the most visible and most difficult to manage. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t recoil like elastic bands after delivery!

Getting our stomachs back in shape is one of the most common yet challenging concerns we try conquer bit by bit. To help us, Wink Shapewear Ultimate Original Postpartum Bikini is similar to a bodysuit fabricated with silky medical compression material to hold everything together. It is a perfect adjunct we can wear under our clothes to smoothen the irregular shape of our fat. Wink Shapewear offers compression and support as your body recovers, as well as for post-abdominal surgeries recovery. Wearing the Wink shapewear for a period of time, maybe around a several months, keeps everything in until it we get fit and back into shape!

Here is Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s testimonial:

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