Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Most people are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, but it also has its perks for mothers. Breastfeeding not only provides nourishment for babies, but it is also an emotional experience that creates a connection and bond between a mother and her child, which is priceless. It helps that breastfeeding is easy on the pocket. It saves money because there is no need to buy formula.


The most well-known advantage of nursing is that it helps you lose weight as milk production is like a workout. It burns up to around 500 calories a day. This a plus for mothers who are trying to get back into shape! This is beneficial especially for those who develop diabetes during their pregnancy because weight loss can lessen their chances of developing diabetes in the future. It is interesting to note that mothers who breastfeed have good cholesterol levels which also minimizes their risk for cardiovascular disease.

Breastfeeding promotes healing after giving birth because it releases oxytocin. This signals milk to be released and stimulates uterus contractions which prevents or reduces bleeding (your menstrual cycle) and aids in the recovery of the uterus to its size prior to pregnancy. It delays the mother’s period for a several months by saving the iron inthe body used in milk production. It decreases the chance of iron-deficiency anemia. Exclusive breastfeeding is also a form of contraception because it delays the menstrual cycle and the interval between pregnancies.

Some studies say that breastfeeding can result in stronger bones and can have less risk of osteoporosis because pregnant and lactating mothers are able to absorb calcium more efficiently even if they are releasing milk. They tend to have denser bone than what they had before pregnancy.Another benefit suggested by other studies is that it reduces the risk getting breast, uterine and ovarian cancers.

Breastfeeding may be advantageous for the mother, but nothing will surpass a mother’s role in providing physical and emotional nourishment to her child.