Postpartum Depression, Slimming Wear, and Seeking Support

Giving birth elicits a gamut of changes, from physical to emotional. In terms of emotion, these changes are normal because it’s such a milestone in a mother’s life; but there are instances when these changes linger in a woman’s body and spirit. Not only does a list of bodily transformations occur, but a bowl full of emotions – happiness, anxiety, stress, and even depression – also erupts.

Postpartum depression can be defined as moderate to severe depression in a woman after she gives birth. It can occur days or months after delivering the baby and can last for weeks or months if left untreated. It can affect daily functions and how you take care of yourself or your baby.

It’s not easy being a woman. One of the most visible change is a woman’s physical appearance. It is a transformation that lingers after childbirth and often contributes to just one aspect of postpartum depression. A woman’s physical being has an effect on her self-esteem, and in turn affects how she feels about herself. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve lost yourself or too many changes are happening, making you feel overwhelmed.

Mothers know this ugly feeling: stretch marks everywhere, large and cracked nipples, a stomach with a pouch and having no sleep. These are just some of the things women encounter after giving birth. Make no mistake, the joy of giving birth and motherhood is wonderful and priceless, but what comes after is sometimes a challenge. Adjusting to the newness of motherhood and trying to return to your old self is somewhat a journey.

Slimming wear is a very helpful aid to help new mothers get back into shape. It holds your stomach in place especially if you’ve gained some weight and things aren’t in their right place just yet. Since it limits movement, it contributes to faster healing and recovery. It can help guide your body (skin and muscles!) to its original state especially since we do not rebound right away. In addition to helping you get back into shape, it keeps you in the right form and posture. Because the slimming wear keeps everything in place smoothly, your clothes fit better, with a more flattering silhouette. Feeling good about yourself can help uplift your self-esteem especially during a very transformative phase in your life.

More than slimming wear, it is important to have a good support system or seek professional help. If you have friends or relatives who have experienced pregnancy, it is good to talk to them constantly and tell them honestly how you feel. Do not be ashamed to admit you are experiencing postpartum depression.

The journey to being a mother is a challenging one but with the right support, you will be able to truly experience all its beauty. Enjoy your journey!