Amanda Griffin’s Testmonial on Wink Shapewear

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are beautiful experiences for mothers, but a woman’s body also undergoes many changes, with the stomach being the oftentimes the most visible and most difficult to manage. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t recoil like elastic bands after delivery!

Getting our stomachs back in shape is one of the most common yet challenging concerns we try conquer bit by bit. To help us, Wink Shapewear Ultimate Original Postpartum Bikini is similar to a bodysuit fabricated with silky medical compression material to hold everything together. It is a perfect adjunct we can wear under our clothes to smoothen the irregular shape of our fat. Wink Shapewear offers compression and support as your body recovers, as well as for post-abdominal surgeries recovery. Wearing the Wink shapewear for a period of time, maybe around a several months, keeps everything in until it we get fit and back into shape!

Here is Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s testimonial:

“In my opinion, tummy is one of the toughest areas to get back to normal. Using a binder really helps. I swear by the Wink Shapewear Ultimate Original Postpartum Bikini that I used after both births. It is a bodysuit that you wear under your clothes. Made of silky medical compression material, the shapewear provides compression and support during your postpartum recovery and postabdominal surgeries recovery. This garment holds everything in and smoothens out your fat. I wore my Wink Shapewear for several months after I gave birth until it became too roomy for my weight loss.”

amanda griffin testimonial on wink postpartum shapewear