Tendresse Iris K Doll

  • ₱1,099.75

This Tendresse princess will make all your little girls’ dreams come true. Her tiara is made of golden ribbon, with her soft and long braid is adorned with a golden ribbon at the tip, worhty of a princess. Her cape is made of glittery organza, giving her grace and wonder with her soft and long dress. Medium size: 25 cm, usable from birth, machine washable, presented in a beautiful case (16 x 7.5 x 29 cm).


Kaloo, a story of French-style passion, offers your little ones and older children a world of sweetness and charm which meets their needs for stimulation, tenderness and security. The Kaloo brand was created in 1998, a combination of the two essential values of the brand: Cuddles and softness, in French, “Câlin” and “Doux” which form the name, CALOUX = KALOO.

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