59S UVC LED Sterilizing Mommy Bag

  • ₱5,999.75

APPLICATION: Sterilization of any product from baby bottles, breast pump parts, baby items, etc.
INPUT: 5.0V===2A
UVC LED BEADS: 17 pcs.
DIMENSION: 9.84 x 10.63 x 6.69 inches
NET WEIGHT: 0.7 kg
WAVELENGTH: 260-280nm
UVC LED LIFESPAN: 10,000 hours

1. Waterproof
2. Dust-proof
3. 99.9% Efficient
4. Non-Toxic
5. No Radiation
6. No Ozone
7. Bacteriostatic storage function
8. Five-sides sterilization function

Using method:
1.Preparing before Sterilization:
*  Open the disinfectant bin, put the object in and close it, then connect to the power supply.
2.Power on:
* The Sterilizer enter into standby mode after connect to the power supply (Indicator light is slightly on).Turn off the power to shutdown
   (indicator light is off).
3.Sterilizing / Bacteriostatic storage:
* 59s sterilization: Click the button once to start 59s timing sterilization. The device will recover to standby mode after sterilizing over
   while the red indicator flashes and highlights for 5 minutes.
   Bacteriostatic storage: Click the storage button to initiate Bacteriostatic save function, meanwhile the red light flashes and start the lower-power
4.Indicator light:
* Standby Mode - All red light, light on slightly.
   Sterilizing - Red light highlights and flashes quickly.
   Sterilizing Over - Enter into standby mode after 5 min. red light long bright.
5.Automatic Sensor:
*The built-in magnet sensor switch will automatically pause the unit when you open the top cover during sterilizing mode.

Packing List:
-Sterilizing Bag
-USB Cable
-User Manual

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