Aeris Active 750 ml

Aeris Active 750 ml

  • ₱985.00

Aeris Active TM, the World’s First Powerful & All Purpose, hard-surface cleaner and disinfectant that kills 99.9999% bacteria, viruses and fungi with a residual killing for 7 days/ 200 touches. 
Aeris Active has triple action benefits: it removes and controls mould & mildew; it removes  discolouration caused by mould and reminisce of dead organisms: It leaves behind an invisible film ensuring no recolonisation on the surface. Aeris Active is compatible with the vast majority of surfaces both natural and synthetic which are prone to microbial colonisation. 

Aeris Active helps long term microbial control with its invisible protection film, "Protect" ensures that your surfaces remain microbial free,  the film does not impact how the surface is used,  the benefit is that the area is cleaner and safer for a longer time period.  

Aeris Active has even been used to great effect on mouldy, mildewed carpets although we recommend that the product be first tried on a small area of any carpet or fabric to ensure that no discolouration occurs.

Apply product directly onto the mould contaminated surface or surface to be protected, spread and if necessary rub with a clean cloth. Do not rinse product off after application.

About Aeris Active TM

-Hospital-Grade All-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant, contains Benzalkonium chloride (2.0%) Hydrogen Peroxide (6.0%)

-Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria, Viruses (including Coronaviruses), Germs, Molds and Fungi in 60 seconds as certified by Eurofins

-Anti-bacterial Protection on surfaces for up to 7 days or 200 touches

-Leaves a patented quat-polymer invisible protective film to ensure long-term microbial control and prevent re-contamination for up to 7 days or 200 touches

-HACCP Certified as Food-Safe and suitable for cleaning and sanitizing food and beverage equipment.

-Passes the self-sanitizing surface test set by U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

-Recommended by Singapore NEA as effective against coronaviruses

-TGA-Certified Product (TGA or Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia is the regulatory authority in Australia that ensures therapeutic goods are of acceptable standards)

-Biodegradable, 100% Eco-friendly

-Australian Made Product



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