Alilo Cognitive Learning Pen (Bilingual/Mandarin)

  • ₱4,500.00

Alilo Cognitive Learning Pen (English) – BaoBao BabiesAlilo Cognitive Learning Pen (English Version) – The Nest:Attachment  Parenting Hub

Smart USB chargeable pen to read and learn English and Mandarin Language based on pictures and stories.
- Easy to use and easy to learn, perfect for beginners and students to help them master both languages.
- Help develop and improve learning skills through play, while encouraging children to like reading and learning.
- Teaches basic Mandarin and English with different learning and language skills like song, pictures, stories, and games.
- Easy to follow instructions for home and business use, tutoring, schools, review, and language centers.
- 3 hour battery to ensure long learning and play.

- 1pc Alilo Cognitive Learning Pen
- 3pcs European and American Classic "Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes"
- 2pcs Cognition Learning Books
- 1pc Alphabet and Piano Card
- 540pcs Recording Stickers
- USB cable

Storage capacity: 16G
Battery capacity: 720mAh

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