All About Eve Sonic Facial Brush

  • ₱1,800.00

All About Eve Sonic Facial Brush – Urban Essentials PhilippinesSonic Facial Brush 

Product Features:
•Compact and Lightweight
•2 Speed settings: A delicate 60s everyday cleanse and an 80second power cleanse
•Comes with 3 cleansing brush heads to cater to various cleansing needs
•Wireless induction charger
•4 hours charge time; 70 minutes (14 times of 5 minutes per use)
•Can be used on face and neck

3 Types of Brush Heads:
•Standard Brush Head – Soft, and dense bristles, gentle and effective in cleansing and removing make up residue
•Gentle Brush Head – Cashmere-like bristles that gives a soft touch and high foaming cleansing experience
•Deep Cleaning Brush Head – Asymptotic double brush head design for better cleaning effect, significantly improves skincare absorption. Recommended use : once/twice a week

Product Benefits: 
•Allows for a deeper and more thorough cleanse than just using fingers or a washcloth.
•Gets rid of excess oil that often cause unwanted breakouts
•Helps removes make up residue
•Exfoliation tightens skin, making pores appear smaller over time
•Sonic Facial Brush stimulates the surface of the skin, making it look radiant and glowing
•Prepares the skin for a more effective skincare routine – it allows better absorption of serums, moisturizers, etc.

Product How To:
1.Wet skin and brush head with warm water
2.Apply cleanser on the brush
3.Choose speed setting
4.Cleanse T-Zone: Forehead, then nose and chin
5.Cleanse each cheek (about 10 seconds each)
6.Cleanse neck on speed setting 2
7.Rinse skin and brush head

Product Tips:
•Ease the Sonic Facial Brush into your routine. Use it once/twice a week at first and slowly build up the use.
•Adjust the speed setting and choose the brush that best suits your skin and cleansing routine.
•Clean the brushes regularly!

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