Marcus & Marcus Portable Ionized Air Purifier

  • ₱2,999.75

Marcus & Marcus Portable Ionized Air Purifier is a portable and lightweight solution to bring clean air with you wherever you go. Our air purifier is ozone-free, meaning it does not use zone technology to remove harmful particles from the atmosphere. Instead, we use a safe ionic purification technology that uses 20 million negative ions to remove PM2.5 particles and pollen from the air surrounding you. Our air purifier is ultra-quiet so you can continue going the things you love with disruption. It’s also easy to operate. The device is also rechargeable via USB and lasts up to 30 hours. It’s time to take control of your health, starting with the air you breathe.


• 20 millions negative ions
• Removal of PM2.5
• Ozone free
• Anti pollens
• Rechargeable max 30 hours
• Portable with necklace
• Two sizes of safety pins for attaching to clothes
• 4-hours mode / 8-hours mode
• Touch switch for on and off


• Can be cleaned with damp cloth
• Store product in a dry place
• Do not bleach, microwave or
steam sterilise
• Battery 400mAh, DV3.7V
• USB charger
• 2 hour charging to full battery


260 x 170 x 730 mm

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