Armor 8 Nano Spray (Japanese Technology)

Armor 8 Nano Spray (Japanese Technology)

  • ₱1,000.00

Armor8 is a non-toxic antibacterial Nano Spray that provides germ protection coating for surfaces that can last up to 30 days. It is made with an entirely eco-friendly system, No harmful residue, and chemicals.

It has a unique formulation that deodorizes, sanitizes and eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses. It is an optimal solution for all of us to stay protected.

Easy to use
- Clean the area
- Spray on Armor8
- Let dry and wipe off excess

Areas of application
Items such as
- Electronic Devices with touch screen
- Household Items
- Toys
- Sports Equipments
- Tools
Household areas such as
- Kitchen counter
- Fridge and Door handles
- Tables, Chairs, Sofas
Office areas such as
- Office desks
- Keyboards, Mouse, Touch Screens
- Door handles or knobs, Stair rail
Any highly touched areas!!!

Armor 8 is powered by Smarcoat, one of the leading manufacturers and service providers of Titanium Dioxide.

Armor 8 is driven by design thinking and a deep commitment to preserving the human touch. It is on a relentless mission to design, manufacture and market a diverse range of products, services and solutions for the hygiene conscious.

Armor 8 is a unique formulation that deodorises, sanitises and eliminates germs, bacterias and viruses.

How to Use

You can spray it on any surface you wish tosterilise! Germs are everywhere: at home, in the office, restaurant, even in your car.
They can cause illnesss from a common cold to a potentially life-theatening infection.

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