Biolane Shower Gel and Bath Foam

Biolane Shower Gel and Bath Foam

  • ₱650.00


  • Its high-tolerance formula does not sting the eyes and cleans baby’s skin without drying it.
  • Rich in marine trace elements, Biolane Shower Gel and Foam Bath softens baby’s skin and helps maintain its natural balance
  • Its smooth foam is ideal for having fun with baby and stimulating learning.
  • Its fresh, delicate fragrance, makes for a pleasant, tender moment of relaxation
  • With « hydra-bléïne®« , a natural active ingredient, rich in lipids and wheat protein, this washing gel limits water loss (dehydration) and moisturizes* the epidermis.
  • Result: the skin is soft, supple and retains its hydrolipid balance.

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