Puritan's Pride Coenzyme Q-10

Puritan's Pride Coenzyme Q-10

  • ₱399.00

Product Highlights

  • FDA CPR # FR-4000002867078
  • No approved therapeutic claims
  • Dietary supplement that supports the body’s coenzyme Q-10 production with more health benefits
  • Contains 120 softgels, 100mg of Co Q10 each

About the Product

Protect your heart with Puritan’s Pride Co Q-810, a dietary supplement formulated with a highly bioavailable form of coenzyme Q 10 — Q-Sorb which has antioxidants in softgels for faster absorption. Among its many benefits is aiding the cardiovascular system to ensure wellness. 

When the heart does not have enough support, your body can weaken and some functions may be affected. Co Q-10 can help improve your heart health, managing blood pressure, cholesterol, and cellular damage, preserving your body’s wellness.

  • FDA CPR # FR-4000003420577
  • No approved therapeutic claims
  • Dietary supplement for cardiovascular support, helping protect against cellular damage
  • Contains 120 soft gels, 100mg of Co Q10 each

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