Playdate Mini Dodgems: Bumper Cars Red (V1)

  • ₱8,500.00

Cognitree brings the amusement park to the comfort of your home. Let the kids enjoy the fun of riding and driving their own mini version of an amusement park bumper car.

The Mini Dodgems are electric powered kids ride-on toys that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Surrounded by a soft rubber body anti-collision strip and equipped with the movement capability to spin 360°, they guarantee tons of fun for kids in any space may it be a small playroom, living room, or big open areas.

Drive to play: Step on the pedal or press both buttons on the steering wheel to move forward. Press the left steering wheel button to spin left. Press the right steering wheel button to spin right.

Swing mode: The car can swing forwards and backwards automatically to function like a rocker/swing (ideal for younger kids).

Entertainment: Pre-loaded with songs and stories that your kid can enjoy while playing.

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