Good Gout Coconut Milk and Vanilla Rice Pudding 4 x 85g (8mos)

Good Gout Coconut Milk and Vanilla Rice Pudding 4 x 85g (8mos)

  • ₱600.00

We are delighted to present our newest addition to the dessert category: Rice with Coconut Vanilla Milk! And yes, our Cocoa Banana Oatmeal Flan now has a little brother who will delight babies’ taste buds just as well!

At Good Goût, we offer real desserts to our little taste activists, to allow them to do like the grown-ups and to gently and with originality deepen food diversification, but always without added sugars!

Why is this Good Gourde of vegetable dessert so good?

Because this gourd lets your baby discover the classic rice pudding revisited with coconut milk, with a touch of vanilla: a discovery with every spoonful and happiness with every bite!

Because in this gourd there is only good and organic: none of our ingredients have been mistreated by pesticides, GMOs or other chemical fertilizers during their cultivation.

Because it’s not one but 4 Good Gourdes of our Vanilla Coconut Milk Rice, which will finally brighten up babies’ daily lives!

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