Good Gout Japanese Pearls (Tapioca), Coconut Milk, Banana and Raspberry Dessert 4 x 85g ( 6 MONTHS UP )

  • ₱600.00

Good Goût has (finally) incredible desserts! They are brand new, and are obviously organic… as always! And yes, we have imagined vegetable dessert recipes, gourmet and organic, which make babies travel brand new taste buds from an early age. Real desserts to do like the grown-ups and gently and with originality deepen food diversification!

Our Ingredients: 

51% Organic rice drink, 18.4% Organic banana, 15% Organic coconut milk, 11.5% Organic raspberries, 2% Organic rice flour, 2% Organic tapioca semolina, concentrated organic lemon juice, and nothing other!

Why is this Good Gourde of vegetable dessert so good?

Because it is an exotic dessert that inspired us: the melting and soft texture of Japanese pearls, associated with the smoothness of coconut milk and the tangy side of raspberry to enhance the whole. All this, without lactose or milk proteins! Doesn’t it make you travel?

Because in this gourd there is only good… but also organic: none of our ingredients have been mistreated by pesticides, GMOs or other chemical fertilizers during their cultivation.

Because it’s not just one but four Good Gourdes of our delicious Japanese Pearls dessert with Banana, Raspberry coconut milk, which will finally enchant babies’ daily lives!

Tasting advice:
Shake. Pour into a bowl, into a spoon, or directly into your mouth. Enjoy! If your child is ready, he can even eat straight from the gourd like a grown-up!
Store at room temperature before opening and for 48 hours in the refrigerator after opening.

Do not leave children under 36 months with the cap unattended! Never put the gourd directly in the microwave.

Good to know:
This gourd was chosen to preserve the taste qualities of the recipe. It does not contain bisphenol A or phatalates, in accordance with current regulations.

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