Good Gout Organic Biscuits

  • ₱300.00

Is your baby ready to bite?

We recommend giving our squares only if baby can sit up unaided in their high-chair, is used to eating bread and meals that have small morsels in, and already has two teeth. It’s also vital that your child sits up straight properly and is constantly supervised by an adult during their meals.

Why is this organic meal so good?

Because in this mini rice cake, there’s good whole-grain rice, to satisfy little hungers, and delicious carrot juice, for lots of flavour (as well as helping you see in the dark, so they say). And all the inherited nostalgia of our afternoon snacks.

Because growing properly means eating well too, obviously our mini-cakes are organic. This means that our wholegrain rice and carrot juice are free from treatment with chemicals or pesticides, and are good for the planet too.

Because our mini-sachet is light and slips easily into your bag or case for any little hungers. Because, in short, it’s super handy.

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