Good Gout Organic Plain Yogurt 2x100g (6 Months Up)

  • ₱260.00

We are delighted to present our newest addition to the brewed category: the Plain cow's milk brew! And yes, how can we do without this must-have natural brew that accompanies our babies for dessert and snack?
The little extra: you can easily mix it with one of our fruit recipes or you can crack on our Apple Strawberry cow's milk stirrer. With us all tastes are in nature!

Why is this Nature Cow's Milk Brewed so good?

Simple ingredients found in our kitchen, such a short list of ingredients as homemade, with whole French milk, all made in France.

Because in this brew there is only good and organic: none of our ingredients has been abused by pesticides, GMOs or other chemical fertilizers during its cultivation.

Because there is no added sugar in the recipe to let baby discover a good natural taste...of a natural brew!

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