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Creative Intelligence (CQ) – A new quotient moving in on IQ, EQ turf 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” -Albert Einstein 

While it is true that gaining Knowledge and instilling Self-Awareness is important, it is also highly  recommended to engage a child into Creativity. Children with high CQ levels tend to do well in  things than others especially in Problem Solving. They also lead to a higher level of Intellectual  Investment and Knowledge Acquisition over time. 

So how do we do that? 

Introducing Moomu Soft and Safe Blocks made from TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)- an eco friendly non-toxic rubber. Designed to promote early child development- 6 months above. 

Taking advantage of the “Inquisitive” mind of a child at an early stage of his/her life, the Moomu  Soft Blocks: 

-Encourages a child to Learn while having Fun 

-Be Creative through his/her Imagination 

-Improve Fine Motor and Problem-Solving skills 

-Color Recognition

How does it really work? 

The 6 stages of how MOOMU Soft and Safe blocks will accompany your child’s growth 1. Accompany and comforting: to develop children’s interest for building blocks  2. Learn to dismantle: train the child’s hand muscle group  

  1. Learn to classify: train the child’s eyes to distinguish color and shapes  4. Learn to assemble: train the child’s eye and hand coordination  
  2. Learn and creating 1-D: develop the child’s ability to create  
  3. Learn and creating 3-D: train the child’s spatial awareness 

Product features include: 

- Soft and flexible building blocks with varying combinations 

- Eco-friendly 

- Very soft texture, (No “ouchie” to babies and parents even when thrown at or stepped on),  and No sharp edges/angles (totally safe for babies) 

- No irritable noise when dropped or thrown (Which by the way parents really love as they  can have their peace. LOL) 

- Safe to be a teething toy 

- Hassle free to sterilize, simply use boiled water or steam Sterilizer. 

- Recommended for babies 6 months and above 

What makes Moomu Soft and Safe Blocks unique? 

- High durability from other silicone based soft blocks and temperature resistant up to 100  degrees Celsius 

- Easy to clean, dust does not stick on its surface 

- It has a Vanilla scent that babies love to smell and use as teether 

- Consists of 40 pcs soft blocks in assorted color and fun varying combinations (limitless  possibilities), while others have only up to 20 pcs or so.

- Despite these amazing unique features, pricing for this product is competitive and at par  with other soft blocks in the market 

What about Safety Standards? 

-Passed the EU EN71, USA HR 404 Safety standards 

-Passed the SGS high temperature test 

-BPA free 

-No plasticizer 

*Certifications are available upon request

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