• ₱1,199.00

Worried about washing and drying baby bottles for travel? With Mother-K Portable Feeding Bottle Drying Rack Set, you can wash and dry your baby's bottles hygienically while traveling, just like at home! It is designed to be portable, wash, and dry at the same time. It organizes everything you need from washing to drying in one place, making your travel perfect.  


• Please read the assembly and usage instructions before use. In order to prevent deformation of the drying rack, it is prohibited to use boiling water sterilizers and baby bottle sterilizers.

• Do not use in a microwave oven or steam sterilizer. · Clean the drying rack with a soft sponge.

ㆍKeep out of reach of children. · When using the drying rack for the first time, be sure to wash it before use.

• Store away from fire and direct sunlight.

• Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.

• Be careful not to lose the drying rod.

• The drying rod and drying rack are easily separated for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is not a defect in the product and is not a reason for return or exchange. There is a risk of damage due to contact when using a large amount of glassware. Please be very careful when mounting.


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