Munchkin Deluxe Fresh Food Feeder (Mesh)

  • ₱350.00

You want what’s best for baby, and that means adding fresh fruits, vegetables and purees to the mealtime mix. The Munchkin Inc. Fresh Food Feeder 6 Months+ allows your little one to enjoy delicious finger foods without giving you cause for concern. With its simple mesh design, this handy teething feeder allows for babies to gnaw on foods safely. Simply place a piece of fruit, vegetable or even meat into the mesh bag and snap it shut. Baby can chew, suck and taste the whole food goodness, with only small, digestible pieces coming through – reducing the risk of choking. It’s also a smart alternative to a teething toy. The Deluxe Fresh Food Feeder includes a travel cap and features coloured mesh to reduce staining. It also has an easy-grip handle for your little one to hold – making this his first real step toward feeding independence.
    • Introduce fresh fruits and veggies to your baby with ease
    • Feeder helps reduce the risk of choking – only small pieces of digestible food get through
    • Simple and easy to use – place food in a mesh bag and snap shut to secure
  • Great for travel – includes an on-the-go cap with snap-tight closure
  • BPA-free, 6+ Months
  • To Use: Just fill the double soft nylon mesh-like sack with fruit or vegetable and snap it shut. The thick pulp and particles get trapped in the mesh so your baby can softly chew and suck on the mesh, and enjoy juice and tiny food/fruit particles that are easy to digest.
  • Important to Know: Ensure nibbler is thoroughly clean before and after every use. Clean the mesh thoroughly & ensure no small particles or seeds are trapped. Wash all parts immediately after use in running water. While placing the fruit or foods in the mesh, ensure the nibbler is snapped shut tightly. Parental supervision during baby’s initial use is recommended. Avoid using this nibbler as a teether or pacifier. Avoid use of the mesh is damaged or torn.



When starting baby led weaning or introducing lumpier foods at 6 months for spoon fed weaning a lot of parents worry about choking. With a mesh feeder, you can get the thicker textures and juices from foods without having to worry about a stray chuck being swallowed.


Spoon weaning babies take longer to adjust to solid foods, and since a baby feeder essentially purees most foods, it let them try them earlier at an early age. Foods such as melon are too water to puree so a baby feeder can help baby enjoy the juices without eating large lumps.


A baby feeder can help to soothe sore gums when teething. You can use frozen foods to provide some cool relief whilst snacking. The texture of the feeders is great for biting, chewing and relieving the irritation of the teeth coming through.


Spoon fed babies can benefit from the feeder by holding the feeder themselves and having more control over eating. This often takes the pressure off parents, especially if a baby is strong-willed and fussy.

If you are baby led weaning, a baby feeder is handy when they are younger. Use a feeder with slippery food such as banana or small food which they can easily grip such as peas.

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