• ₱1,199.00

Bringing you the most beautiful and comfortable set of organic washable nursing pads.

We always wanted to produce the most beautiful and comfortable set of nursing pads for all moms. It took us a number of years to research on developing cotton nursing pads that are natural, soft, comfortable, beautiful and yet reusable. Successfully combining beauty and functionality, this is the first ever 3D contoured reusable nursing pads in the world which are individually sewn with lace fabric. Every single pack is delicately crafted and packed by Hand & Heart. This is what we wish to always deliver to all moms in the world.

• High Quality Washable Nursing Pads. Soft, Comfortable, Hypoallergenic Natural Bamboo Cotton Layer with antibacterial function which pampers your skin. Ideal for nursing mothers with sensitive skin.

• Sophisticated and Beautiful Laced Design which resembles brassiere. Comes in 5 different colors which you can switch up according to your preferences and style of the day.

• 3D Contoured Shape that is tailored to fit the natural shape of your breast for total comfort. Diameter size: 4.7 Inch / 12cm

• Every single pack is crafted and manually packed by Hand & Heart. Ideal as baby shower gift, NatureBond hardcover gift box can be reused as a memento box to store keepsake items e.g. your first reusable pads, your little one’s first pair of mittens and pacifier.

• Washable and reusable breastpads reduce long term cost. Laundry bag (Large Size: 30 cm by 30 cm) is included to protect laced nursing pads from wear and tear during machine wash.

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