Our Wholesome Pantry Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener 454g

  • ₱550.00


A naturally-derived, zero-calorie white sugar substitute made of monk fruit extract & erythritol.

● Ideal for replacing refined white sugar; it is a 1:1 ratio of monk fruit sweetener to refined white sugar
● Cooks, bakes, & mixes just like sugar! It is also as sweet as sugar
● Contains zero calories, zero net carbs, is keto-friendly & non-GMO
● Is a low glycemic index sweetener that won’t raise your blood sugar
     ○ Monk Fruit Extract is a 0 on the glycemic index
     ○ Erythritol is a 1 on the glycemic index
● Great for mixing in beverages, to bake sugar-free desserts, & to cook healthy meals
● Certified USDA Organic
● Monk Fruit’s sweetness comes from Mogrosides found in the fruit (it is said to contain free radical fighting properties & is rated 0 on the glycemic index)
● Gets its name from Buddhist monks who were the first to cultivate it back in the 13th century

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