Antlantic Delight Salmon Omega-3 Chewables (30 capsules)

  • ₱950.00


Salmon Omega-3 Chewables are soft and chewable with a refreshing citrus taste. Made from cold pressed from Norwegian Salmon for Extra Virgin Quality. Enjoyed by both children and adults. Easy to chew and a good way to add Omega-3 to your daily diet.

Extra Virgin Salmon Oil and a superior pelagic fish oil produce the finest blend. Premium salmon, from arctic waters in Lofoten Norway, with a refreshing citrus flavor. A great way to supplement your iet with omega-3, 6 and vitamin A and E.

Our oils are made less than 75 minutes of catch from Atlantic salmon. Crafted at low temperatures to preserve the quality and freshness. It's easy to take your daily omegas for both kids and adults on a busy schedule.

Enjoy Salmon Omega-3 Chewables with a pleasant mild flavor.

Contains 50 mg EPA, 70 mg DHA, 10 mg DPA.

Take 30 minutes before or after meal. Chew or swallow.

Pregnant: Take 1x a day 

Kids: Take 1x a day

Adult: Take 2x a day



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