Solana Greens | Microgreens Grow Kit KIDS

  • ₱250.00

  • One of the best way to encourage your little buds to eat veggies is by showing and teaching them how to grow their own superfood. A fun and interactive learning experience that will provide a precious bonding time with your little ones.


Version 2 kit includes :


- 2 pcs custom made punnets / size 3 in x 5 in / random color

- 2 pcs humidity dome (transparent with holes)

- 1 pack of our exclusive soilless growing medium mix

- 1 growing manual / instruction booklet and kids activity sheet

- 2 seed variety (random/surprise seed packets)

* Surprise seeds: Broccoli, Kale, Alfalfa, Mizuna, Mustard, Radish, Detroit Red Beets.

* Buyer cannot choose the seeds, it is at random.



As much as we want all grow kit owners to have a successful yield, our growing environment is very different from each other which is the biggest factor in a fruitful grow. Factors such as humidity, temperature, lighting, airflow, watering and sanitation will influence such. Just make sure to follow the instructions included in your kits!


Happy growing. :)

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