Tooky Toy Guess What

Tooky Toy Guess What

  • ₱470.00

Educational Game for Kids

Guess What is not only for fun, but also for education. Kids can demonstrate their deductive reasoning ability through simple questions and answers.

Set up
* Shuffle the cards. Place the card and turntable in the center of the table.
* Starting from the youngest player, take turns clockwise.

* The player who gets the content on card need to wear a headband.
* Deal each player 3 coins.
* Turn the hourglass upside down, when the time is over, its next player's turn.
* Draw a card, the player with a headband can't peek at the content.
*Spin the turntable. When the pointer stops, perform/quiz/describe what is on card.

* The player who gets most coins, win!

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