Travwell Inflatable Leg Rest

  • ₱1,499.00

  • Patented self pumping travel inflatable leg rest. 
  • Premium and durable materials used. It is soft-to-touch and easy to maintain. Bonus pillow cover to keep the travel foot rest away from floor dirt is included.
  • Foot rest pillow fits between airplane seats and car seats. 

Perfect Airplane Accessories For Traveling With Kids

  • Fits between airplane seats, in cars and SUVs
  • 3-level height adjustment with 2-valves, 2-chamber
  • Weights only 12 oz. and folds up compactly into carrying pouch
  • Doubles as leg rest/footrest for adult
  • Made from premium and durable flocking material
  • Perfect as car seat leg extension for children so they get proper support to avoid swollen feet
  • Perfect as foot rest ottoman to elevate your legs in the office and at home
  • Aid with recovery after knee and leg surgery
  • Reduce swollen leg during pregnancy


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