Zippies Eco Wrappers

  • ₱2,350.00

Zippies Eco Wrapper. The Greener Way to Wrap!

Zippies Eco Wrapper is the revolutionary packing solution. Made of high quality honeycomb die cut kraft paper with a tissue inner lining, Eco Wrappers are the sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic pouches. The die-cut honey comb texture provides cushioning and protection too, no need for bubble wrapping. Just make sure to stretch it out to get the 3d honeycomb pile for maximum protection. No need for tapes too as you can just interlock the honeycomb layers with each other. Just wrap your items with a few layers of Zippies Eco Wrapper, add a ribbon and tag, and as easy as that, you have a perfectly eco chic package. This is perfect for home use so you have readily available all-occasion wrapping solution and for small business to replace plastic pouches and bubble wrap. 


  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Made from sustainably sourced paper materials
  • Protection against scratching and surface abrasion (use with tissue inner lining provided)


Box Dispenser Set includes 80 meters of honeycomb kraft and 135 meters of tissue inner lining. Paper width is 50cm for honeycomb kraft paper and 30cm for tissue inner lining. When fully stretched, the length of the honeycomb kraft paper is 135 meters. 

Refills for the rolls sold separately. 

This is about 221 sheet of standard gift wrapper with tissue lining, at just a very reasonable cost of just P10.60 per wrapper. So not only is it ecofriendly, it is very economical too.

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