About Urban Essentials

Urban Essentials Inc. is a company with the aim of catering to the needs of all women, at any stage in their lives.

As the exclusive distributor of Wink Shapewear, Blanqi Maternity Support, Ingrid & Isabel Nursing Bras, Bellaband Maternity Band, it is the company’s goal to be a top-of-the-mind source of women’s clothing essentials by giving women access to products that are of the highest quality, and have been tried and tested by fellow women who understand their needs and wants.

Joy Astilla, the founder of Urban Essentials Inc., shares their story:


“The company started in 2013 with only Wink as our product. I was pregnant then with my third son and needed a binder because I was going to deliver via C-section. I had a bad experience with my previous binders but I still wore them because I had to. My old binders were so hard, gave me wounds and rashes, so itchy and very, very uncomfortable.

“During my third pregnancy, I thought that there must be something out there that I can tolerate wearing! There has to be! I searched online and read about Wink Shapewear from the U.S. I found out that it’s medical grade and thin. Just by looking at the picture and reading reviews from users in the U.S., I was sold!

“I was so happy with it so I decided to try to email Wink U.S. They agreed to give me the exclusive distributorship. At first it was a struggle to introduce the brand, let alone sell it. I was ecstatic when our FB page grew from zero likes to 100. I was happy when I would get at least 1 inquiry in a day and when that inquiry becomes a sale.

“Now, we have more than 60k followers on both our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Wink has become the number 1 postpartum binder in the Philippines. It’s so heartwarming that Wink grew not because of huge marketing efforts and advertisements but because of recommendations from fellow moms. We became known through word of mouth, from recommendations of regular moms to even celebrity moms. So, thank you, #WinkMoms everywhere – you are all part of Urban Essentials' success!”