Mamafrog Portable Soft Potty Training Seat

  • ₱1,995.00

The Mamafrog Soft Potty Seat was specifically designed for parents who are using elimination communication, but it is also a great option for older babies, toddlers, and children for whom the full-size toilet is still too large. The soft surface is comfy and cozy and is held in place by the natural suction created by the baby's weight. This means that there are no clips or clasps to make the potty difficult to remove or clean. Simply rinse after each use or use a mild soap to keep the potty ring sanitary and ready for the next use.

Your baby or child can look forward to added security and cushion. Take this portable seat anywhere for sanitary pottying on the go with the ultimate travel potty seat! Your baby, toddler, or child will be comfortable, safe, and secure, thanks to the natural suction that is formed when you put him or her on this premium, non-slip toilet topper.

Potty training a boy or girl? Contoured splashguard eliminates urine mess around the toilet from boys and girls.

VALUE! Most potty seats on the market are made from cheap, hard plastic. Not only are they uncomfortable for babies, but they are also bad for the environment. They are mass produced without a thought about the natural resources being exploited during production.

ECO-FRIENDLY! Our potty seat is produced from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials under strict controls for minimum environmental impact. It is certified to be manufactured by adult workers who receive fair compensation. Bright, fresh green color appeals to children.

  • FITS MOST TOILET SEATS! Includes elongated and round. For best fit, please make sure that inner toilet bowl is no larger than 34 cm long and 30 cm wide before ordering.
  • ONE PIECE! Our sleek, European zero attachment design means that you will never be missing any pieces. DURABLE! Imagine your child using this seat until they are big enough to safely use the regular toilet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN! Durable medical-grade polyurethane foam potty trainer--simply rinse under running water or wth a mild cleanser, or soft sponge with soap. Durable enough to last for years.

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