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Kids in car seats usually have their feet dangling in the air because their legs are not long enough to reach the floor. Without a stable base for their feet, the force of gravity exerts pressure on their thighs and legs. To protect themselves, kids end up sitting in awkward positions for extended lengths of time, hurting their posture and knees.

KneeGuardKids relieves strain on knees and thighs, improves blood circulation, and eliminates leg cramps and numbness.

1. Suitable for all children 9 years and under (Can be also used for 1-2-year-old children)

When using a children’s car seat, children’s legs are located higher than the seat of a vehicle.
Therefore, the feet don’t reach a Foot Plate when using a regular Foot Plate.
KneeGuardKids 3 is made by applying a patented technology where a Foot Plate comes above the seat of a car, which a baby with a short leg suitable to use. (Korean Patent No. 10-1399896)

2. Compatible with any car seat

KneeGuardKids 3’s installing plate is located between the floor of the car seat and the seat of a car. An install plate is firmly fastened to the car seat by fixing it to the ISOFIX (or fixing clips). It can be used for all car seats except for the below two car seats.


3. Height and angle of a Foot Plate is adjustable

The height of the Foot Plate can be adjusted within a range of 38cm for every 0.7cm.


The angle of the Foot Plate can be adjusted to 140 degrees every 20 degrees. The Foot Plate can be folded.


4. Height control bar with enhanced durability and convenience

Patented technology using a spring is applied to KneeGuardKids 3 to make sure that the height control bar and the Foot Plate are safely and securely combined. (Korean Patent Pending No. 10-1698730)

It can be used semi-permanently without a drop of a Foot Plate.


5. Applying Narrow Plate

Applying a Narrow Plate to minimize the impact on the car seat. The car seat does not wobble as it reaches the seat of a car.

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