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My Wink binder has been my life saver since day 1. I haven't taken it off since the day I gave birth and I feel naked without it!!! It feels amazing and makes you feel secure when you need it the most. I highly recommend it to anyone that's just given birth. I also feel accomplished everytime I go a size down!

-Georgina Wilson



12 days postpartum ❤️ Started wearing my Wink binder on the 3rd day as soon as I got home from the hospital. Lost about 20 lbs already! Thank you Urban Essentials for my Wink! Wearing it 24/7.

Camille Prats-Yambao


Joy Woolbright-Sotto and Family

“I initially bought Wink because I was looking for a binder that would help me slim down fast,” Joy shares.“I wanted to give it a try because it was different from the other binders I've tried before. It has a soft breathable material that actually looked like an underwear.

 “I've used different kinds of binders (with my four previous pregnancies) and even tried using a custom-made corset but all were so uncomfortable that I ended up not using any of it.

 “When I gave birth to my fifth child, I was looking forward to using my Wink right away but the unexpected happened. I had a C-section (my first out of five) and I totally didn't know anything about it and also didn't know what to expect.

“While I was in the recovery room, I noticed I had a binder over my tummy and all along I thought I had to use that exact hospital binder to heal faster and properly. It was so painful! Whenever I needed to stand, I felt like my tummy was so heavy and that my uterus and everything inside were about to fall out!

“I had to deal with this kind of scenario for a few days until I checked my Instagram and saw a post from Urban Essentials. I saw a post about Wink being used for C-sections and that it was meant to be used right after giving birth. Imagine my excitement! I hurriedly got my Wink out of my hospital bag and used it. Oh wow, it was like magic! The pain became so bearable and it gave my tummy area and my back extra support.

“I could easily sit up and stand. My wound area didn't hurt anymore because nothing was pressing hard on it. I could even walk a bit faster (compared to when I was using the hospital binder). And lastly, it made breastfeeding so much easier and comfortable.  Wink Shapewear is definitely a must have for all moms most especially those with C-sections! Lesson learned, request to use it right away instead of the hospital binder!”

-Joy Woolbright-Sotto

The solution to the problem at hand: a CORSET/BINDER. I used the ones by WINK. It never got itchy and I found it so convenient to use. You can wear it under your clothes without feeling bulky too.

I know you might feel uncomfortable for the first few hours BUT  you gotta SUCK IT IN. No pain, no gain. This was one thing my mom taught me eversince the birth of my first child and it was something i’m glad I did.

Here’s how and when to use it…A few hours after giving birth, make sure to put it on, and keep it on even when you sleep. (YES, trust me.) I only used to take it off before a shower. Own about 2-3 pairs so that you always have one to use when the other is being washed.

Mikaela Martinez-Lagdameo


"I've tried so many different binders – local and imported ones – and Wink Ultra Bikini is by far the most comfortable binder I've tried,” she shares. “I don't get red marks, I don't itch, it's invisible under clothing, it doesn't ride up your hips and waist, and best of all, it works! It feels so good to be able to tighten the corset a notch every other day! Wink is so good, I never take it off!”

-Bianca Elizalde-Araneta 


“At first I was skeptical about Wink because that was my third pregnancy, and I've tried so many brands, probably over 10 of them! I used to get itchy rashes. But I wanted to try Wink because I heard a lot of good reviews about it.

“When I tried it, I was like, wow, this is real! This is the best thing ever. It's really working for me. It kept everything tight. Even my doctor said that he needs to recommend this to his other patients.

“My post C-section recovery was also so much easier. I was able to move more. It did not feel like my organs were going to fall out. It just kept me secure and, at the same time, I could wear jeans and leggings.

“I love Wink because I don't get rashes, it keeps everything in place, it keeps me flat and I look sexy. It keeps me confident and I feel great in it! I work out with Wink also, so it's like the best thing ever, I have to say.”

Cat Arambulo-Antonio





I have waist trainers to help me hold everything together after all the rearranging of guts and road widening of hips. I've been using Urban Essentials's Wink medical grade binder.

Iya Villania Arellano


How to keep it all tucked in! Especially after shamelessly having buffet twice yesterday! Wink postpartum binder from Urban Essentials has been part of my everyday wear. You'll even forget you're wearing it because of how comfortable it is!

Rima Ostwani Najjar


Kylie Nicole Padilla


"I don't take it off ever. I wear Wink to sleep because it makes me feel better in my incision!"

-Divine Lee


"I love the Wink binder. My goal is to get to XS!"

- Isabelle Daza



Cristalle Belo-Pitt