Air Easy Window Type Deflector (AP231)

  • ₱1,199.00

All new Air Easy Window Type Air Deflector (AP231) with Nano sterilizing filter. This product can be attached to any window type A/C unit with the clip designed at the other end. When the white electrostatic fiber turns black, the filter needs to be replaced.

Product Highlights:

  • Bacteria Killing - Test results shows that the filter media used in our new anti-bacterial series is able to exterminate over 99% of the Omicron Variant virus.
  • Particulate Matter Reduction – Electrostatic fibers remove airborne contaminants. It is also rated PM2.5 to filter airborne particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns and can eliminate common household bacteria.
  • Odour Removal - Activated Carbon removes odour.
  • Unique Design and User friendly - It still has the unique ball-joint adapter, which allows up & down, left & right movement. A 360° air control advantage against unwanted air drafts.
  • Energy Saving – Eco Friendly – The wind may be spread more effectively throughout the room to reduce power consumption.
  • Tool-free – DIY ready for self-assembly and installation without using tools
  • Skin Protection – No more air draft directly facing you, no more dry skin
  • Replaceable Filter – Change the filter when the electrostatic fibers become dark to help keep your home safe and free from bacteria.

Material : HIPS + ABS

Product size (mm) : 250x133x275

Product weight (g) : 200

Packaged size (mm) : 307x161x7

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