Alilo Kids Soft Toothbrush 4-12yrs old (Pack of 2)

  • ₱250.00


6000 Feather-soft Bristles
- The brush head is designed for the mouth shape of babies aged 4-12 years old. The brush head scientifically uses 6000 feather soft brush filaments, which are thin and soft enough to protect the teeth like a feather without hurting the gums.

0.1mm Bristles
- Dense and soft, it can penetrate deep between the teeth to effectively clean the teeth and care for the delicate gums.

Ultrasonic Bristle Embedding Process
- The bristles are inlaid by ultrasonic process and integrated into one piece. High-density flocking prevents shedding and frizz, and the brush head has better cleaning power.

8-zone Bristle Design
- Easy to drain
- Reduce bacteria build-up
- Safe to use in mouth
- Easy to clean

Slim Brush Head
- Cleans teeth in all directions. Designed according to the shape of the baby's mouth, the brush head is exquisite and compact, round and without edges, and can flexibly and deeply clean the oral cavity without leaving dead corners.

Cute Design
- The soft and cute non-slip handle is cute and eye-catching. It has a thick non-slip design. The small hand can grab it. The paw design in the middle of the brush handle can prevent the toothbrush from being excessively deep into the mouth and causing damage.

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