Babymoov Cosydream(+) Elevated Newborn Baby Lounger

  • ₱6,000.00

The complete ergonomic baby support for perfect support!

With its anatomical shape and support belt, the Cosydream(+) keeps your baby comfortably on its back (in accordance with WHO recommendations). Tilted at an angle of 15°, it keeps your baby’s airways clear and reduces regurgitation. To aid digestion, the adjustable microbead-filled positioning roll raises your little one’s legs. This “tuck position” keeps babies in place and reminds them of their nine months in their mum’s womb. The Cosydream(+) includes an anatomical head support. This reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.

Designed with your baby's body shape in mind, a choice of soft and breathable materials. Everything has been created and approved with our co-creator parents.


• Perfect position: back is supported and legs are raised to aid baby's digestion
• Integrated anatomical head support for a nice round head
• Sloped at an angle of 15° to keep your baby's airways clear
• Ventilated fabric around the head, back and nape of the neck
• Cushioning effect to reassure baby
• Microbead positioning roll can be adjusted to the size of your baby using Velcro
• Safety belt to keep your baby comfortably settled on its back and prevent it from slipping


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