Biolane Liquid Talc

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Biolane Liquid Talc 100ml - Milk and Honey Philippines Online Store


BIOLANE Hypoallergenic Liquid Talc is a new formula of emulsion which, on contact with the skin,transforms into talc. Its formula reproduces all the properties of classic talc while avoiding the problems of volatility of a powder.

- New formula! Formula of emulsion which, on contact with the skin transforms into talc - Protects skin folds prone to irritation and rashes in infants

- Soothe the skin and absorb excess moisture from skin folds

- Protective effect against daily aggressors

- Delicately fragranced

It has been specially designed to protect all of an infant's skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation (neck, legs, bottom, armpits, etc). Its plant-origin powder gently absorbs any excess dampness responsible for irritation. It strengthens the skin's natural protective film against harsh external factors (urine, stools, rubbing of clothes and nappies, etc). Its panthenol content (0.5%) prevents redness and irritation. Its formula with hydra-bléïne® helps to soften baby's skin.


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