Cubbe Baby Snacks - Freeze Dried Banana & Avocado Cube Snacks (6 months up)

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Cubbe Baby Snacks - Freeze Dried Banana & Avocado Cube Snacks 21g 

Cubbe Baby Snacks is a Healthy Baby Snack.

Cubbe baby snacks are perfect for babies from 8 months old. Older kids can also take it as alternative to sweets and candies.

Made from vegetables and fruits that are natural and unaltered, it is the healthiest snack you can give to your baby that can be easily digested by their delicate tummy. Production is by freeze-drying method. This is an innovation in processing that retains the best value and benefits from vegetables and fruits. The fruits and vegetables are mashed and pureed. They are formed into tiny cubes that melt in the mouth for easy munching.

Freeze Dried Banana & Avocado Cube Snacks

  • Made From 100% fruits.
  • Produced from high nutrients Vegetables and Fruits which are essential for strengthening baby/kid's physicals, mentality and learning development.
  • Focusing on Freeze Drying Process which is an innovation that can remain nutritive value of selected vegetables and fruits.


  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • Gluten Free


  • Banana 95%
  • Avocado 5%

Net weight: 21 g


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