Good Gout - All Round Biscuits (10mos)

  • ₱350.00

At Good Goût, we did not reinvent the wheel but we created the roundy biscuits: a simple and delicious small vanilla biscuits recipe. Ring-shaped to be easy to catch, considerably less sweet than standard baby biscuits, to chew freely when teeth grow. From the first wheel in Mesopotamia in 3500 BC to our little Gaulish biscuits, we have come full circle!

Up and running with Good Gout’s roundy biscuits!

Good Goût’s Roundy Biscuits are delicious organic vanilla biscuits for babies. Easy to grip with their ring shape suitable for babies, they will become your best ally as soon as he feels a bit peckish! Ideal to consume when teething and 100% organic!  As we like to awaken your baby’s taste buds without too sweet tastes, our recipie is with 44% less sugar than the average baby biscuits on the market!  Not to mention a practical on-the-go-format, ideal to bring along when roaming around! So roundy, so tasty...

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