Greenday Mixed Fruit Chips 55g (12mos up)

  • ₱199.00

Qra : Greenday Mixed Fruit Chips

100% Real Fruit, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, Halal Certified.

Ingredients: Mixed Fruit (Sweet Potato, Taro, Banana, Jackfruit, Pineapple), Rice Bran Oil, Seasoning (Sugar, Maltodextrin, Salt)

Net Weight: 55g (1.94 oz)

Calories per serving: 130 (Servings per packet: 2)

Shelf Life: 6-12 months

All your favourite fruits in one pack. Munching on these crispy fruits will bring a smile to your face. Treat your tongue to different textures and fruity flavours!

Using vacuum cooking process for this product, there will be less oil content. The shape, colour, nutrients & vitamin remain more than deep-frying.

This approach ensures our product retains the natural flavour & almost all of the nutrition, so that you can enjoy each crispy piece of real fruit anytime!

Product of Thailand.


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