iOgam Baby Laundry Detergent 2.1.L

  • ₱475.00

Coming from the famous brand I.Ogam, high-class I.Ogam baby laundry detergent from Korea is the perfect choice for mothers and the whole family to take care of children's skin and clothes.

Uses coconut plant-based cleaning formula, natural ingredients, safe and reliable

Does not contain 19 harmful substances such as formaldehyde and fluorescent agents

Effectively kills 99% of major Germs- Strong detergency, can thoroughly clean clothes

Passed skin irritation test, absolutely safe for sensitive skin

Non-allergenic formula

Suitable for upright and drum washing machines

Produced by natural sources of raw materials, not only ensures high friendliness and safety, but also meets the requirements of extremely good stain removal and fabric softening capabilities. The product is designed in the form of a bag with a large capacity, which can be used for a long time, extremely economical. The product does not contain 19 ingredients suspected of having harmful substances for humans such as: fluorescent whitening agent, Formaldehyde, benzene, MIT, CMIT... and has been verified and tested by the FITI Laboratory of Korea. .
* Product material: Ingredients of natural origin, coconut extract, badking soda and salt.
* Weight : 2100ml (2.1 kg)
* Dimensions: length 25 x width 15 x height 5"
* Package includes: 1 bag 2100ml (with screw cap)
* Color: white
* Uses: baby clothes washing liquid
* How to use: Take a moderate amount according to the standards of the specified washing machines and use as other washing liquids.

*Please take note that the Laundry Detergent indicate Manufacturing Date. Expiration date is 2yrs from Manufacturing Date.

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