Infinitub Midi Collapsible Bath Tub

  • ₱4,200.00

This is a good choice if you want a baby tub but also want one for yourself😉
This can definitely fit an adult or multiple babies/kids. The medium size makes it the perfect adult tub as it fits most bathrooms especially in condos!

☑️can be used by baby and adults👍🏻
☑️anti slip rubber pads at the bottom
☑️2 drainage system 

☑️neck rest

☑️shower head holder
☑️comes with a hose
Available in teal and navy blue 

Dimensions 111 x 62 x 52 cm


Once you receive the tub, it may move a bit because its empty. Once you put water it will stabilize. The legs have to account for the weight of the water you will put.


-Always drain the water after use to avoid mold.

-Dry it out in well ventilated area. 

-Don't leave it out in direct sunlight for too long as to not damage the silicone part.

-Avoid sharp objects as to not accidentally puncture the silicone.

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