Ivenet Broth Recipe (6months up)

  • ₱485.00

Baby Seasonings l Recommended

age: 6 months and above
Flavour: Chicken, Korean Beef and Seafood (coming soon)

Net Content: [Total Amount] 16g (55kcal), 1 pack - 20+/- of circlets
Retort food / Sterilised product
No preservatives included

Ivenet Broth Recipe is a fuss-free andconvenient solution to enliven baby's first meals. Without the need to slave over the stove and spending hours to brew stock, Broth Recipe is freeze dried to maintain ingredients' freshness.
Compared to other powder forms, Broth Recipe is formed in individual circlets so there is no more measuring and spillage!
With absolutely zero additives, not even sugar and salt added, Broth Recipe is the ultimate answer to baby's first nutrition!

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