Ivenet Finger Chocolate Balls ( 3yrs Up)

  • ₱205.00

Recommended age: 3 years old and up


Sweet Potato and Cheese
Strawberry and Yogurt

Chocolate ball with sweet chocolate on the outside and freeze-dried real strawberries and sweet potatoes on the inside.
No caffeine, hydrogenated oil, palm oil, synthetic fragrance and coloring unlike other chocolates in the market. No preservatives added.
Healthy chocolate for your kids.
Freeze dried to maintain the nutrients and taste
Real chocolate made of cocoa butter and organic sugar
Crunchy finger snack in one bite
Carefully selected ingredients. Strawberry contains dietary fiber and Vitamin C while Sweet Potato has a lot of dietary fiber promoting good bowel movement. It is rich in vitamins and potassium!

Storage Method

Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight
After opening, please keep it airtight. We recommend you to eat it as soon as possible once opened.


The surface has a tendency to melt and white spots can occur, but this is a normal physical change of the chocolate, so please it eat with confidence.
It might easily deteriorate after opening
Please do not give the snack to children who are lying down or have their bellies on the floor.
Please make sure that your child does not put too much into their mouth at one go.
Please watch your child and ensure that they swallow the snack properly after it has melted in their mouth.
There may be allergy reactions from the raw ingredients. Please check the ingredients before consumption.

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