Ivenet Kids Soup ( 3yrs old Up)

  • ₱310.00

Baby Seasonings l Recommended age: 3 yrs old and above. *Younger children can consume depending on baby’s development and parent’s preference.

Chicken Soup
-No preservatives added. Sterilised Product.
-Made for kids by simmering chicken legs for more than 15 hours.
-Carefully made for our child,easy to eat with chicken legs in bite-sized pieces.
-Among all parts,leg meat is a nutritious food that is good for growing children as it contains fat and protein adequately. *After opening the bag for about 3cm just heat the pouch in a microwave. You can also boil the soup in a pot. Warm it up for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
*We used a safe packaging material that can be heated in a microwave or to be put in a boiling water.
-Use with peace of mind with HACCP certification. It is safely consumed through a korea hygienic manufacturing process approved by the FDA.

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