Ivenet Pure Soy Sauce ( 10 months up)

  • ₱370.00

Baby Seasonings l Recommended age: 10 months up

-It’s made with fermented and locally produced beans and wheat.
-It includes fruits and vegetables extracts to make the traditional soy sauce much more delicious.
-It it less salty compared to normal soy sauce and matches the kids tastebuds.
-No additives. Made from organic unrefined sugar and vegetable extract. Fermented soy bean paste. NOT de-acidified.
2 Types:
*Soup- for soup based food
*Bibim- made for mixing rice and side dishes (will be available soon in the Philippines)

Ingredients: Brewed Soy Sauce49%[Wheat(Korea)18%, Soybean(Korea)13%, Salt, Malt Syrup, Spirit], Purified Water, Organic Sugar2%, Ferment Spirit, Kelp Concentrate [Kelp Extract (Kelp :Korea), Salt(Korea)], Shiitake Mushroom Concentrate [Shiitake Mushroom Extract(Dried Shiitake Mushroom: Korea, Salt: Korea),Salt(Korea)], Onion Concentrate. Contain Soybean, Wheat

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