Janod Confetti - Drum Kit

  • ₱3,999.75

Ready for a little family concert? Children naturally love music and discovering rhythm and sounds is particularly rewarding! To support them in this learning process, offering them suitable musical instrument toys is a great idea! In the Confetti range, there is now a drum kit on 3 wooden legs for children from 3 years old. The programme includes an introduction to musicality thanks to the 4 activities of this musical toy: a drum, a tambourine, a cymbal and a güiro (a wooden scraper whose edges you scrape with a stick). The two wooden sticks will allow our little music lovers to practice and refine their gestures and their rhythm! This drum kit is not bulky and allows children to get started with a low-noise toy. Its colourful and sparkling decoration is appreciated by children and its water-based paint approved of by parents. So, let’s rock!

Product info
Dimensions 46,6 x 41,9 x 43 cm (18.11 x 16.14 x 16.92")
Material(s) Wood, cardboard, PVA
Box type Pretty closed box

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