K-Mom - Breastmilk Bag (200 ml)

  • ₱210.00

K-MOM offers anti-bacterial breast milk storage bags for breastfeeding moms.  Each bag can be easily thawed, without the danger of losing the quality and natural nutrition of a mother's breast milk.

  • BPA FREE - Safe material, free from harmful substances like lead, benzophenone and mercury.
  • Self-Standing Type
  • Double Zipper to Lock - perfectly seals breastmilk to prevent leakage and protect it from external dust and smell.
  • With sensible space to indicate dates
  • Can be easily cut with the cutting guide line.
  • No endocrine disruptor detected, non-toxic material.
  • K-Mom's fancy design, Cute and Adorable 2 Designs in 1 Package
  • With Accurate Capacity Marking
  • With cutting guideline for easy use
  • It has safe double zippers for safety
  • Non-toxic material
  • With Date label provision
  • Standing type bag With Date label provision

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