Keenz 7S Series Mosquito Net

Keenz 7S Series Mosquito Net

  • ₱1,999.00

With This Mosquito Net, Nothing Will Slow Down Your Summer Strolling

Elevate your family's summer adventures with the Keenz 7S  Mosquito Netting. As the sun sets on long summer days and warm afternoons, mosquitoes and small insects often make an unwelcome appearance. But fear not—with the Keenz Mosquito Net, you can provide a protective shield for your little ones without compromising on the joy of summer strolls in your Keenz stroller wagon.

Crafted for comfort in warmer weather, this mosquito net ensures your child stays cool while remaining securely guarded against pesky critters. Its well-ventilated design strikes the perfect balance, allowing your little one to relish the best parts of summer without any interruptions.

From morning strolls to impromptu mid-afternoon playdates, the Keenz Mosquito Net is your versatile companion. Its easy-folding feature ensures hassle-free storage, making it a convenient and ready-to-use accessory whenever needed.

Don't let mosquitoes and insects hinder your summer fun—empower your little one to savor everything summer has to offer. Upgrade your stroller with the Keenz Mosquito Net today and let the adventures begin.

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