Khun Turmeric Herbal Bath Oil

  • ₱329.00

Khun Turmeric Oil (Premium = plus HYA) is a herbal bath oil, available in a 130 ml size and presented in its natural oil form for easy use. It helps nourish, moisturize, and promote light, silky and healthy skin by combining various types of natural extracts. Selected high-quality raw materials include:

🌿 Turmeric, which helps brighten and soften the skin.

HYA, aiding in skin hydration.

🍊 Tachibana orange peel, helping prevent inflammation and irritation.

🌻 Sunflower oil, contributing to replenishing moisture to make the skin hydrated and healthy.

How to use: Simply drop the oil into the bathtub and rinse with clean water. Alternatively, apply to the skin while showering, leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with clean water.



✅ Helps lighten the skin

✅ Helps reduce rashes

✅ Nourishes and moisturizes the skin

✅ Inhibits bacteria

✅ Reduces skin irritation

✅ Makes rough skin become smooth, beautiful, and healthy.

✅ Reduces mosquito bites


Frequently asked questions❓:


When should you use it?

Use it while taking a shower. If your baby is 0-1 year old, you can mix the oil in the tub. Above 1 year old, apply it to the skin and leave it on for about 1-2 minutes, then rinse off with clean water.

Can it be used from what age?

It can be used from newborns. Young children aged 0-1 years old can use the oil mixed with a bathtub.

📍 There are 2 formulas 📍:


Original formula, yellow cap - whitens the skin.

Premium formula +HYA (Plus Hyaluronic Acid) blue cap - Whitens and softens the skin.

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