Kindee Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray 0m+

  • ₱450.00

Kindee Multipurpose Sanitizer Spray 0m+ is gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It is guaranteed performance and safety by Japan Health Organization and food safety.

Antiseptic: kills virus, bacteria and mold.
Protective: Green Tea extract protects the skin
Safe for newborns and up: Special technology with acid extraction and fast drying with no residue
Super Food Grade: Made from 100% food grade ingredients

Made in Japan using highest standards. Safe for newborn babies and safe to be ingested. Can be used to sanitize the skin - safe on sensitive skin and even on atopic eczema-prone skin. Safe to use on utensils, pacifiers, teethers, feeding bottles and more. Amazingly safe to use immediately right after sanitizing!

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